We help you save more lives

By saving costs

for every $1 invested into immunization
an average $44 in net savings

1.5 million children
could be saved every year by receiving appropriate vaccination

$9,153 worth of vaccines can be protected by a proper functioning cold chain box

Saving lives in the most efficient way is your mission – and a humanitarian challenge:

B Medical Systems Solar Direct Drive (SDD) cold chain refrigerators provide enhanced performance and high reliability, leading to a sustainably lower Vaccine Wastage – and hence to significantly reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): A new SDD cold chain unit is half as expensive as vaccines wasted in one single breakdown.

Luc Provost, CEO of B Medical Systems, explains the importance of the TCO

Performance & reliability

Lower Vaccine Wastage

Reduced TCO

Low downtimes lead to low risk of spoilt vaccines

SDD equipment from B Medical Systems builds on innovative refrigerating technology. The robust and durable vaccine refrigerators are easy to install and maintain. The low downtimes limit the risk of spoilt vaccines. Our cold chain refrigerators are thus life and cost savers.

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Benefit from dedicated devices and particularly low TCO

With SDD equipment from B Medical Systems, you benefit from dedicated devices that combine outstanding efficiency and low TCO. One results from the other – the access to life-saving vaccination depends on safe storage. This is why organizations all over the world rely on robust SDD equipment from B Medical Systems for efficient vaccination campaigns for decades. These efforts from UNICEF, WHO, Gavi, Governments and others have resulted in saving millions of lives saved around the world.

Find out how our technology will help you to reduce TCO

Saving costs to save more lives is simply logical. Finding out how low your TCO will be with reliable and innovative SDD equipment from B Medical Systems is easy:


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All about the Total Cost of Ownership

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Detailed TCO calculation by B Medical Systems

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